The Strength of Indoor Golf.

"Since the environment difference in indoors and outdoors is significant, there are much differences in the results you could expect. Here are the strengths of indoor golf.
It’s easier.
Indoor golf does not require prior reservation like outdoor golf. Unlike outdoor practices which requires a whole day, you can practice for short period of time indoors. It is good for short time enjoyment on the way back from work or on holidays.
Optimal in Checking Swinging Position
Since you are not actually flying the ball, you can concentrate on fixing your position without concerning flying distance of trajectory. You may also utilize special trainers or position studying machines at the indoor golf courses to maximize the effectiveness of practice.
You can concentrate on practicing approach shots and putting.
In indoor golf courses, you may not be able to concentrate on practices for flying distance. However, you may concentrate on your short game and your swing without bothering the score. Practice your approach, short, putting, bunker shots indoors.
Pleasant Practice Environment
Since the facilities are indoors, most facilities have air conditioning. You do not have to worry about snow, rain, wind, or cold."