How to calculate expected profit of Indoor golf facilities.

Most sales of screen golf facilities come from rounding cost of customers. Assuming game price of KRW 25,000 with 6 rooms 3 rotation per day (1 rotation means 1rom with 3.3 people rounding). Having 3 rotation is having good business. This yields daily sales of KRW 1.485 million(6 X 3 X 3.3 X 25,000) and a monthly sales of KRW 44.55 million(1,485,000 X 30). The cost of screen golf operation mostly consists of rent, wages, course usage fee(online cost). Assuming the rent as KRW 5 million(per month), wage as KRW 5 million(per month), course usage fee as KRW 2,000 per person, and the tax and other expenditures of KRW 2 million, the total cost of operations yields KRW 15.54 million. Therefore, the profit is calculated by deducting the expenditure (15,540,000) from sales (44,550,000) which yields KRW 29,010,000. However, in this calculation, daily rotation and game fee are crucial. The rotation rate has a direct impact on sales. Also, 10% increase or decreases in game fee also impacts the total sales. On the other hand, expenditures are mostly fixed expect for wages which may vary depending on situations.